Project Miere  


Project Miere is an initiative that encapsulates ideas and themes like sustainability and environmental awareness through the mediums of music, art, culture and language.


“Miere” meaning Honey is a resource made by worker bees that if not fostered and protected will have massive negative long term effects on the rest of the bees, this is also true about resources for our whānau and their tamariki. As we move into an era where a major percentage of traditional jobs and career paths will become redundant and the potential for sustainable māori economy builds stronger, the need for opportunities for whānau to have positive influences and examples of whānau driven success has become apparent. We aim for whānau to develop relationships and key skills to develop self-determination and instill māori pedagogies as a way of creating conscious and involved individuals.


This kaupapa is aimed at a number of groups of people from school aged and high school tamariki to upcoming and established artists and is about spreading the message that it is OK to be unapologetically Maori in the 21st century.

Project Miere is a way of linking multiple communities to help grow an environmentally aware and sustainable culture around how we use our natural assets and talents from a māori world view.


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