Here is some food for thought. Check out these people and some of the things they talk about in these videos

Sir Ken Robinson has a few ideas about education and the culture that we need to build a sustainable human capital.

The worldwide effects of pollution are hard to ignore now more than ever.


Ka pehea koe e karo ai i tenei mate?

What can you do to change?

Meet Boyan Slat, he's got a big idea that could help the environment and everything else in the process.

Lauren Singer and her little jar!

Jade from Kakano Cafe has a relationship with the whenua and environment that starts as a seed and ends up on your plate.  Yum!

Hawaiki Tu, a Maori movement and dance company taking maori themes to the next level.

Ngatoroirangi of Te Arawa, the man, the legend who sent his fire to the south to save Tamatea and give Hanmer Springs its Maori name. Te whakatanga o te ngaheru o te ahi a Tamatea

Ways to get involved!

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Project Miere a look at the environment through Maori arts, music and culture.